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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Jun 24, 2009 4:34am
Forum: texts Subject: its even worse: Google Books Downloading Change

in regard to New Zealand Electronic Text Centre’s free online archive of New Zealand and Pacific Islands texts and heritage materials on

12 hours ago, at our midday, I posted the above link, I suggested waiting until end of our business day, because the pages were very slow to download, I especially found I could not even open the NZ History listing, i just tried aghain, just before our midnight, and the page still wont open.

Guess what.

Its trying to get something from

it took a long time, finally the page opened, on

Could somebody in the USA try, I wonder if the NZ History Books are actually on a Google Server outside NZ? and the redirect of URL is overloaded, if so, Google is making it hard for us (NZ) to access these books, I noticed recently lots of NZ history text on the Archive, where the PDF is on Google Books.

If its true, I will quickly raise a stink about it, one, these books are free for all, world wide, to share our culture, two, who okayed Google having them?

Our Maori, would be upset.

its a been a long day, I cleared a lot of my work, but then a new Human Rights type issue just began here, our government a few hours ago passed a new law, effective 1 Dec, I noticed a change on the original proposal by our last Government. That is news to people on my network. An unexpected amendment widening its scope is already planned, overriding expert advice our last Government had been given, and had used.

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Poster: garthus Date: Jun 24, 2009 2:35pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: its even worse: Google Books Downloading Change

Time Traveler,

I downloaded a cookbook from the NZ site. I will upload it to the Archive sometime tomorrow. Actually they have some great stuff on that site; I will try to upload more in the future. I am presently working on a digital front-end using Omeka to create digital collections which will be sub categories of the Archive. Presently I have this project going:

and would like to go completely over to Open Source applications. If you are worried about NZ collections, It would be a good idea to load all of their public domain stuff into the archive (as much as possible).


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Poster: Time Traveller Date: Jun 24, 2009 9:33pm
Forum: texts Subject: Re: its even worse: Google Books Downloading Change

I will check first what is happening, maybe if its on a Google server and it seems to be only the NZ History page that gives trouble maybe Google gives priority to the USA for downloads.

The problem is lack of time for me to move stuff to the Archive.

There was lots of NZ railway stuff there, I am spreading the word to the railway hobbyists. As for that new Maori law archive, I put that on a local network at 2-am here, by 10-am a number of people were downloading, we are just compensating Maori for the 1840 land grabs. A big argument is they want control of a strip of land all around the coast, some people think they will then block access to fishermen. They are getting control of the commercial sea fishery. We had a major hydro power scheme, a lot of water in one river, got turned around, to go into our biggest lake Taupo, then thru 8 power stations, Maori got the water rights back, and the water is back where it was. Less power but the scheme remains viable even without that water. But in this case they were justified, their river was dieing in the summers.

So there is lots of interest in those old texts I mention above.